My Neobux earnings

My Neobux earnings

nedjelja, 31. ožujka 2013.

The Bux site

Hello my dear clickers! As I mentioned before, I will share all my experiences about PTC world here.
In previous post I wrote about how important is to click on few other PTC sites. So I decided to share with you my opinion about "The Bux" PTC website.

In my opinion The Bux website is really great site and I think you can actually earn something there. Of course, not as quickly as we all want, but it is great oportunitiy to earn a little bit faster than on the other sites so far. I click on few sites in same time and I can confirm that The Bux site pays the best. In just few days (somewhere about 4 to 5 days), I earned $1 on this site - without investments, any referrals or anything else. On ProBux for example I earned that sum of money before (when they had so many ads per day), but now it is so slow again.

They actually became so great. At start, there was jus few ADS for click - good payed but still, just few ads. But today they have so much to do on this site:

  • you can earn up to $0.03 per click, as STANDARD member
  • you can earn up to $0.02 per your referral click
  • you can play GRID game and earn money there - I earned few times that way
  • you can watch videos and earn $0.01 per video
  • there are also Sing up offers
  • there is also traffic exchange - so you can expose your referral links to get direct referrals FOR FREE
  • the great thing about this site is that you can buy memberships for period of month, a half of year or for one year - I think this is GREAT and rare oportunitiy to try for exaple famous ULTIMATE membership and decide if you like it or not - if it is great for you or you shouldn't spend your money on this - it is your choice
  • rented referrals are the cheapest on this site - one referral costs only $0.199
  • if you want to advertise some other sites on this site it is also very affordable price - for 2000 views (paid to click ads) you will pay only $2.5 - or you can advertise your site on The Grid game which is only $16 FOR A MONTH, or you can advertise your banner (only $1 for 2000 views)
  • they also have INSTANT payments (I tried) and the minimum payout is only $3
  • they accept PayPal, Payza and Liberty Reserve
So far I tried to cashout money on this site, as I mentioned, and I can tell that they really have instant payment - so there wasn't any problem with that. I like this site, so far.
I have to tell that you shouldn't expect miracle - you shouldn't expect that you will earn quickly money because there is no such a site where you can earn $50 per month without spending time there, and actually work on that site, have referrals (direct or rented) and so on... So I am telling you that you can try to earn a little bit of EXTRA money there if you want. 
Here you can see for example what USEFUL (I would say maybe necesarry) you can do with that extra money:

So if you looking for an extra site that you will love like your main site (my main site is still my dear Neobux), try this one - I immediately fell in love with this site and I think you will too. :)

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If you want to read this post in Croatian, please, click HERE.

* Everything written in this post is a personal opinion. Thank you for reading! :)

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