My Neobux earnings

My Neobux earnings

ponedjeljak, 29. travnja 2013.

After three months on Neobux...

Hi... I am writing this post because I am over 3 months on Neobux.
Here is my stats! :)

i am still so happy about it. my plans are just great and so far I can say that I sucseed to do everything what I wanted - this MAYBE means that my strategy is just fine! :) But hey! This is just 3 months, let's not talk to much about that. :)

I don't know wat to say - I don't want to tell you that everythin is sooooo great, that every day is so perfect, that i make milions from a first start and so on... So here is my REAL statistic:


Number of rented referrals = 473
320 RR are extended for 150 days - as you can see, I extend referrals for 150 days lately and this is because I don't want to invest more money from my pocket - I try to deal with my expenses only with earned money. PLUS is that I shouldn't invest more money, but there is also NEGATIVE side - Cashout do not exist for a moment because I invest every cent in site (because I want to reach my goals as soon as possible).

- 103 RR are extended for 240 days
- 50 RR waiting for extension (they will be extended for 150 days too)
I earned so far: $178.830
I earned this month: $75.425
Average earnings per day this month: $2.514 / day 

AdPrize... Forgot about me... I win only 10 NeoPoints sometimes..

I made over 4000 my own clicks
My referras made over 18 000, so they are not so bad at all!!

Now I try to get direct referrals but it is so hard for Neobux! On some other sites, for example on Bux site, i have 8 direct referrals and I get them so easy but i can't get any for Neobux.  The thing is that anybody who knows something about PTC sites, definitely knows about Neobux...
So, if you know any great and efficient way to get referrals for neobux, PLEASE be nice and share this with me. :)

My next move is to rent another 50 referrals until 1.5.2013. - then I will reach my first goal - to have 500 RR until 1.5.2013.
and that's it! People, be realsitic, do the math EVERY TIME and everything is going to be just like you imagine!

Happy earnings to everybody!

* Everything written in this post is personal opinion. Thank you for reading! :)

nedjelja, 31. ožujka 2013.

The Bux site

Hello my dear clickers! As I mentioned before, I will share all my experiences about PTC world here.
In previous post I wrote about how important is to click on few other PTC sites. So I decided to share with you my opinion about "The Bux" PTC website.

In my opinion The Bux website is really great site and I think you can actually earn something there. Of course, not as quickly as we all want, but it is great oportunitiy to earn a little bit faster than on the other sites so far. I click on few sites in same time and I can confirm that The Bux site pays the best. In just few days (somewhere about 4 to 5 days), I earned $1 on this site - without investments, any referrals or anything else. On ProBux for example I earned that sum of money before (when they had so many ads per day), but now it is so slow again.

They actually became so great. At start, there was jus few ADS for click - good payed but still, just few ads. But today they have so much to do on this site:

  • you can earn up to $0.03 per click, as STANDARD member
  • you can earn up to $0.02 per your referral click
  • you can play GRID game and earn money there - I earned few times that way
  • you can watch videos and earn $0.01 per video
  • there are also Sing up offers
  • there is also traffic exchange - so you can expose your referral links to get direct referrals FOR FREE
  • the great thing about this site is that you can buy memberships for period of month, a half of year or for one year - I think this is GREAT and rare oportunitiy to try for exaple famous ULTIMATE membership and decide if you like it or not - if it is great for you or you shouldn't spend your money on this - it is your choice
  • rented referrals are the cheapest on this site - one referral costs only $0.199
  • if you want to advertise some other sites on this site it is also very affordable price - for 2000 views (paid to click ads) you will pay only $2.5 - or you can advertise your site on The Grid game which is only $16 FOR A MONTH, or you can advertise your banner (only $1 for 2000 views)
  • they also have INSTANT payments (I tried) and the minimum payout is only $3
  • they accept PayPal, Payza and Liberty Reserve
So far I tried to cashout money on this site, as I mentioned, and I can tell that they really have instant payment - so there wasn't any problem with that. I like this site, so far.
I have to tell that you shouldn't expect miracle - you shouldn't expect that you will earn quickly money because there is no such a site where you can earn $50 per month without spending time there, and actually work on that site, have referrals (direct or rented) and so on... So I am telling you that you can try to earn a little bit of EXTRA money there if you want. 
Here you can see for example what USEFUL (I would say maybe necesarry) you can do with that extra money:

So if you looking for an extra site that you will love like your main site (my main site is still my dear Neobux), try this one - I immediately fell in love with this site and I think you will too. :)

Join HERE.

If you want to read this post in Croatian, please, click HERE.

* Everything written in this post is a personal opinion. Thank you for reading! :)

utorak, 26. ožujka 2013.

Why is useful to click on some other sites?

If you ask me, I think it is sooo great to click on some other sites.


Well, you can earn extra money, of course! For example...
As you already know, my MAIN site is my favorite Neobux! But I also click ads on these sites:

TheBux - min. cashout $3, advertisement pack of 2500 clicks = $2.5
ProBux - min. cashout $5, advertisemen pack of 2500 clicks = $4
ClixZoo - min. cashout $2, advertisement pack of 1000 clicks = $1
ClickFair - min. cashout $1, advertisement pack of  1000 clicks = $2.5
CashnHits - min. cashout $0.60, advertisement pack of 1000 clicks = $1
GoldenClix - min. cashout $5, advertisement pack of 1000 clicks = $1

These are my favorite sites. Expecially TheBux and ProBux. So what I do there?
I invest my money on Neobux, but on the other sites I just click to earn a little bit of extra money.
The Bux is great site and I can tell that you have possibility to earn really quick money there. Quickly does not mean that you will earn minimum cashout of $3 in one day but you can in less than a month if you click every day (and that takes around 10 minutes maximum for this site - with ADS and Grid game). They pay $0.001 to $0.01 per click - STANDARD MEMBERS!! This is great because on other site you can earn $0.01 per click only if you BUY membership (for example Golden on Neobux). The Bux site also have Grid game, and some other games to EARN money.
So when you earn money for minimum cashout (on The Bux it is only $3), you can cashout your money and invest in your main site. This is option one.. But there is also option two. You can earn enough money to buy advertisement pack on some of these sites. On The Bux it is only $2.5 for pack of 2000 views. So you can earn money by clicking on this site and then buy advertisement pack to promote your main site - to get direct referrals. This is great option too.

If you do all of that on 3 to 5 sites (or more), you are doing great job! And you will get at least one direct referral on your main site!
Getting direct referrals is so hard for Neobux because they are well known site. I think that everybody knows about Neobux if they know something about PTC sites. So to get referrals on Neobux it will be quite a hard job but worth! So good luck with that!

If you haven't tired any of this sites, please use my provided links to join. Good luck and happy earnings!

* Everything written in this post is a personal opinion. Thank you for reading! :)

My second month on Neobux

Finally, on 18.2.2013., was my second month on Neobux. :)

I mentioned before thaht I bought golden membership (22.2.2013.).

I am very happy with it - so far, everything is as expected.

Before Golden, my average was around 1.2 to 1.9, and now is the situation  slightly different. When I took the membership, the first (around) 13 days, everything was excellent - average was always around 1.2 to 1.4 (still high). Then it began to fall slightly, and it stoped around 1.0 for a couple of days. When I rented 100 new referrals (to come up to 303), average again slightly raised and the next couple of days has been around 1.2. But then it was lower and lower - on 18/03/2013 my average was about 0.7 (13 days after renting).
So my conclusion is - if you want to have higher average, it would GREAT when if you could rent as often as possible. I think it would be ideal at least every 15 days...

My other stats:

Total earned $104.474, since I'm on neobux.
In this, only the second month, I earned exactly $77.451
In 26 days with Golden, I earned exactly $75.168 (but first 12 days of Golden I had only 203 RR, and then I rented another 100 referrals).

This month I had over 3,000 own clicks, and my referrals have made over   10,000 clicks:

Adprize this month:

Currently, my earnings are around $3 per day - and that's, if you ask me, quite ok. Dared to say that the income is about $1 per 100 referrals .. When I had them 100, I earned about $1 per day, with the 200RR I earned about $2 per day, and now I earn about $3 per day - I have nothing against that this series continues ... That would mean - 1000RR = $10 per day ... I'm in! :)

So far I have 393RR and I intend to buy another 100 soon - and all of them extended for 240 or 150 days. :)

* Everything written in this post is a personal opinion. Thank you for reading! :)

petak, 8. ožujka 2013.

How to save money on PTC website?

When you're trying to make money on the PTC website, very soon you will realize that earnings are counting in every cent - and even less, in fact! Specifically, we are talking about $0.001 per click. So don't you think that it is good idea to save every penny wherever is possible? :)

To save as much as possible, you need to do one thing first - extend your referrals ON AS LONG AS POSSIBLE PERIOD!

If you are already "familiar" with this story, you're probably thinking that this is the only thing you can hear. I'm sure that there exists a small dose of a doubt, that this is all just talk from the owners of PTC sites - so they can earn more... But catch a little math .. :)

Here's a purely mathematical proof how profitable is to extend your referrals for a longer period (I always say for 90+ days), and here's why:

Extending for 240 days cost $1.12 per referral - that is $0.0046 per day - for 240 days is $ 1.12 per referral
Extending for 150 days cost $0.75 per referral - that is $0.005 per day - for 240 days is $ 1.2 per referral
Extending for 90 days cost $0.49 per referral - that is $0.0054 per day - for 240 days is $1.296 per referral
Extending for 60 days cost $0.36 per referral - that is $0.006 per day - for 240 days is $1.44 per referral
Extending for 30 days cost $0.19 per referral - that is $0.0063 per day - for 240 days is $1.512 per referral
Extending for 15 days cost $0.10 per referral - that is $0.0066 per day - for 240 days is $1.584 per referral

Let's say now that we only have 100 referrals:

100 referrals extended to 240 days - for 240 days = $112
100 referrals extended to 150 days - for 240 days = $120
100 referrals extended to 90 days - for 240 days = $129.6
100 referrals extended to 60 days - for 240 days = $144
100 referrals extended to 30 days - for 240 days = $151
100 referrals extended to 15 days - for 240 days = $158.4

So the difference between extension 100 referrals for 240 days and 100 referrals for 15 days is $46.4 SAVINGS!
Take 200 referrals - saving $92.8
Take 300 referrals - saving $139.3
Take the 1000 referrals - that's a $464 savings ....

It also means that your referral must to earn more money to be in profit if he is extended for a shorter period of time (you can notice that in prices per day, calculated before in this post).

So, when someone tells you that it is not profitable to extend your referrals for a longer period of time, you know that it's not even close to the truth.

How I extend and rent my referrals?

I extended them for 240 or 150 days. So when I want to rent new referrals, first of all, I look at how much money I have (how much I want to/can spend), and then I ask myself one simple question: "How many referrals EXTENDED FOR 150 OR 240 DAYS can I buy for that amount of money? :)

* Everything written in this post is a personal opinion. Thank you for reading! :)

So far it is GREAT to be Golden!!

Like I said before, I will share my statistics with you. So, now is time to show you how great is to have Golden membership. I really love it! :)

So far, I earned $42 with Golden - that means in JUST 14 days (since 22.2.2013.). I earn around $3 per day (pure profit).

My Average is still high - it is not same like before (between 1.2 and 1.9) but I am still happy with it.

This is screenshot from 6.3.2013. - very good AVG for Golden member.

This s screenshot form yesterday (7.3.2013.)

I also want to show you what my Handy Manager say about my referrals:

Like I said, they are really great! :)

Right now, I have 303 rented referrals (I rented 100 referrals few days ago), and 2 direct referrals. My goal is to extend them for 150 or 240 days. :)
I hope I'll have 1000 rented referrals by the end of this year. :)

* Everything written in this post is a personal opinion. Thank you for reading! :)